"Volume savings are amazing.  Before the booth our drum set in the congregation and onstage would get to 95dB easy.  After installing the IsoPac A the dB level is at 70-75dB. AMAZING!  Onstage we had to put the drums into the monitors for the musicians to keep on time.  Overall stage volume lowered as we were able to drop the volume on the stage monitors.The choir no longer complains about the drums being too loud on stage.  And I have been able to reduce to 4 microphones for the choir which has allowed me to get 6dB more gain out of the system for the choir.  The bleed into the choir mics has reduced tremendously.

...Overall for less than $2k getting the benefits of this drum isolation booth was amazing.  Very much worth the cost for this.  [The IsoPacA is] aesthetically pleasing and with huge volume savings are the biggest pros with this."       -Drew Brashler

Please follow the link to read the whole review: ClearSonic IsoPac A Review