StudioPacs are groups of SORBER baffles designed to make your recording, monitoring, and mixing environments more acoustically neutral. With four different StudioPacs, there is one for almost all room sizes.

StudioPacs contain SORBER BassTraps and Clouds, that are also available separately to treat rooms with uneven bass responce and reflective/high ceilings.

GoboPacs offer quick and easy isolation for speakers, amps, instrumentalists, and vocalists. GoboPacs are a breeze to set up, move, and re-arrange to meet many studio isolation needs.

The SKT3 enhances the lows of the kick drum using SORBER's absorptive qualities and allowing the mic to be placed at approximately 3 ft from the beater. It also reduces bleed from other instruments, and the rest of the kit.

Our 1.5" thick SORBER absorption baffles outperform our competitors 2" thick products.

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