(3) S3, (1) S2, (6 pcs) Velcro
Our free-standing 3 ft. long SKT3 SORBER Kick Tunnel allows the microphone to capture more bass frequencies resulting in bigger lows and a punchier attack. The SKT3 will also reduce tom, cymbal, and other unwanted bleed that could normally pollute your kick track. Set up is easy with no need to remove your front head - just build around your mic. Along with a tunnel mic, try a second mic close to the beater head for even more attack. You may want to flip the polarity on the tunnel mic for best results.

The blue spectrum represents a kick drum with no tunnel. The black line represents a kick drum with a tunnel.

Our SORBER cuts highs and mids while smoothing out bass frequencies. This makes it much more effective than blankets or studio foam for kick drum attack and bass response.