Producer Nadestra Benson notes:

"I'm an independent producer in metro Atlanta and had been looking for a way to set up a vocal booth in my small home studio without making any expensive alterations to my home. I was looking through my Electronic Musicians Magazine one day and came across your ad. I went to your site and I was amazed at your product. Not only was it portable, but affordable also, compared to some of the other vocal booths that I had seen in the music magazines. I was sure I had found the perfect set up for a vocal booth, so I ordered your product. Once I got it all set up, which was also very easy, I tried it out on a few singers, and it worked great! I was impressed and so were my singers. Thanks to ClearSonic for making such a great and affordable product, especially for a small independent studio such as mine."

"Here are a few shots of my vocal booth set ups. This booth works out just right because of the limited space in my spare room, which I set up as my studio. I did a couple of recordings out of it and it really does filter out the noise. I love it! This is truly a great product and I would recommend it to any producer."

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