MBKT24 Bracket, (2) S2, (2) Velcro

When recording vocals it can be tricky to eliminate reflections caused by a singer's voice bouncing off nearby surfaces and into the back of the microphone.  Microphone reflection filters are a popular way for recording clear vocals in a less than ideal acoustic space.  The MB2-2 Microphone Baffle is affordable, quick and easy to assemble mounting directly to your existing mic stand (mic stand & microphone not included). The MB2-2 is also as effective at eliminating unwanted reflections and minimizing bleed as the rest of our SORBER products.

By placing our SORBER behind the microphone you reduce both the reflections coming back at the mic and the amount of sound energy going out into the room.  This is especially useful in studios without proper acoustic treatment. The MB2-2 can also be used in control rooms where the performer has to operate the recording device or to reduce ambient noise in rehearsal studios. The MB2-2 is most effective for cardioid pattern mics as they pick up sound from the sides and behind but will work well with any microphone.

The MB2-2 Microphone Baffle comes with (1)MBKT24 bracket, (2)S2s, and (2)Velcro pieces.