Gobos (short for 'go-between') are used in the studio to prevent mic bleed between instruments in the same room. Gobos can also be helpful in reducing room ambience as they keep reflected sounds from reaching the mic.

ClearSonic GoboPacs were created with studio owners in mind. They are inexpensive, modular, easily moved, and available in a variety of sizes to cover everything from small amps to vocals. If more isolation is necessary, check out our AmpPacs and IsoPacs.

Reflective acrylic plastic in combination with absorbing SORBER is the most effective Gobo isolation solution.  Sometimes a (less expensive) SORBER baffle alone is sufficient, however.


GoboPac 20
24" H

 (1) A18-2, (2) S1, (8 pcs) Velcro

GoboPac 30
3' H
 (1) A3-2, (2) S3, (8 pcs) Velcro
GoboPac 40
4' H
 (1) 4-2, (2) S3, (8 pcs) Velcro
GoboPac 50
5.5' H
 (1) A5-2, (2) S3, (2) S1, (16 pcs) Velcro
GoboPac 70
7' H
 (1) A5-2, (1)AX18-2 (2) S3, (2) S2 (2) S1, (16 pcs) Velcro