AX Height Extenders
SX12-2 SORBER Height Extenders

SX12-2 SORBER height extenders consist of two 1-foot high by 2-foot wide panels hinged together (overall width of 4-feet). They are designed to extend our S5-2 baffles to the same overall height as the A5 panel with an AX12 height extender.

Available in light or dark charcoal gray, this is the perfect addition to an IsoPac-A, B, E or F when even more sound control is desired.

AX Height Extenders add 12" or 18" of height to standard ClearSonic acrylic shields. Height extenders can be added to both A4 and A5 panel systems. The AX12's and AX18's come complete with "H" channel and hinge so they can easily attach to the top of existing ClearSonic Panel sections. Complete systems will still fold "accordion style" even with the additional height extenders.
Scratch resistant AR extenders are also available.

AX2 Height Extenders
AX2 is a 2"H x 2'W acrylic height extender that is useful if a lid system is to be used on top of an A5 and S5-2 IsoPac without the AX12 or AX18 height extenders. Because the A5 is 65.5-inches high and the S5-2 is 67-inches high, the AX2 is used to increase the height of the A5 panels to 67.5-inches. This increases the height of the clear panels enough that the lid panels resting on the A5 will clear the S5-2 baffles. That way, any of the S5-2 baffles can be used as a door without interference from the lid baffles.