We occasionally get customer calls looking for a lower cost alternative.  The customer knows that they need a sound shield but just can’t afford it.  There are two options for this situation: 

  1. We sometimes have “blem stock” (minor imperfection) see inventory here.
  2. The LITE2466-5 is pictured above.  See factory-direct pricing here

The LITE2466-5 is constructed with five 24-in wide by 66-in high by 3/16-in thick acrylic panels and is preassembled with flexible hinges to fold flat for easy storage. 

Unlike our standard ClearSonic panels, these panels are unfinished “as-cut and square”.  Please note that this drum shield is thinner than our standard (1/4-in thick) panels and is NOT designed to support our height extenders and LidPac assemblies. 

We believe our standard A5-5 (while more expensive) is the better overall value, but this is a good lower cost alternative and is backed by our ClearSonic reputation and warranty. 

LITE2466-5 Edge Detail