The CH5, CH4, CH18, and CH12 Hard Cases are made using .098" molded ABS plastic and feature plenty of foam padding, plywood reinforced end panels, stamped zinc-plated steel corners, aluminum angle brackets on the CH5, heavy nylon straps and an ample number of spring loaded cushioned handles for easy and comfortable transport. These new cases are built for the road and are in stock ready to ship.Click on part numbers below for detailed pictures.

-Holds up to (7) AX12 extenders or (2) A2-4 panel systems.
CH18-Holds up to (7) AX18 extenders.
CH4-Holds up to 7-sections of 4' acrylic
CH5-Holds up to 7-sections of 5.5' acrylic


Protect your investment. These super strong zippered
cases help keep your panels looking like new!

•Great for transporting or storing your ClearSonic Panels.
•Each case will hold up to a 7-Panel system.
•These durable cases come with a one year warranty.
•Sewn in padded lining helps protect your panels.
•Comes with handles and a zippered pouch.
• Available for AX12s, A2, A4, and A5 acrylic panels.

C2 holds up to (7) 2’x1’ (AX12/A2 series) panels
C4 holds up to (7) 2’x4’ (A4 series) panels
C5 holds up to (7) 2’x5.5’(A5 series) panels

C2, C4, & C5 Soft Cases

The SC2 and SC5 cases make it easy to transport your SORBER baffles. The SORBER cases are made of a lightweight yet heavy-duty material and feature adjustable Velcro closures. The SC2 will hold up tp (7) S2 baffles, while the SC5 will hold up to (2) S5-2s, or (4) S5 lid sections.

25"H x 67"W x 7"D

24.5"H x 22.5"W x 12.5"D
Hard Road Cases