BassTrap 4
 (1) STC412, (1) STC4, (12 pcs) Velcro
BassTrap 5
 (1) STC512, (1) STC5, (12 pcs) Velcro
ClearSonic Bass Traps are created by placing a 12"W SORBER baffle in the corner, and then installing a 24"W SORBER baffle over top. This creates a large area of both absorption and air-gaps where bass waves are absorbed. The BassTrap 4 is 4' tall, and the BassTrap 5 is 5.5' tall. Mounting velcro is included.
Because of their light weight and velcro receptive qualities, many ClearSonic SORBER baffles can easily be hung from the ceiling as 'clouds'. S2, S3, & STC4 are the most common.. (4) 3" sections of Velcro are included and can be used to attach fishing line or other lightweight wire/cable (see photo). The cloud can then be hung with hooks or other hardware depending on the construction of your ceiling.
BassTrap 4D
BassTrap 4D overhead view