The clip was recorded with one omni-directional microphone placed approximately 10' in front of the kit.
No volume or gain settings were changed.
IsoPac J
IsoPac G
IsoPac E
IsoPac D
IsoPac C
IsoPac B
IsoPac A

ClearSonic IsoPacs are our most popular isolation packages, and can easily be modified to fit your specific needs.

IsoPacs A, B, E, F, G, and H
feature the ClearSonic Lid System, that helps reduce the amount of sound that would normally escape upwards. The Lid is especially helpful if you have a room with high, hard ceilings. IsoPacs C and D are for applications where the lid is not necessary, but still feature SORBER absorption baffles to control the reflected sound. IsoPacs E through H can be used for a variety of applications including vocal and voice-over work.

ClearSonic Panels are a reflective sound barrier but do not absorb sound while SORBER is a great sound absorber but not a great barrier. Therefore, our most effective systems, such as MegaPac, use ClearSonic Panels all the way around the perimeter. Having ClearSonic Panels with Height Extenders in the back also greatly reduces the size of the open area where sound can escape. Because of this, MegaPac and similar booths will reduce sound leakage up to 70% while systems with only SORBER in the back will reduce leakage around 50%. The rear panels are usually not attached to the front panels. They simply butt together or overlap a bit. An access "door" panel is created at the overlap location. Click here for a picture of the door explanation.

Vocal IsoPacs