Name:   IsoPac F (medium vocal booth)
Dimensions:   5' wide x 5' deep x 6.5' tall
Parts Included:

(1) A5-4 - 4-section CSP
(1) AX12-4
- 4-section 12" height extenders
(2) S5-2D - 4'W x 5.5'H SORBER baffle
(1) STC4D - 2'W x 4'D center lid section
(2) STS4D - 2'W x 4'D side lid section
(1) BAR - standard support bar
(1) Fan - 6", 2-speed, low noise fan

Amount of Sound Reduction:   50-60%

IsoPac F is a medium vocal booth that is also great for isolating and recording guitars, brass, woodwinds, and other acoustic instruments. If reflections off the front shields during recording are a problem, a few S2 SORBER baffles can be Velcroed to the offending shields. Attach them at the same height of the mic.

IsoPac F uses the STC4 and STS4 lid sections. These lid sections are 4' deep and work well on a booth of this size.

As with all of the IsoPacs, this one may be customized to fit your specific size and sound reduction needs.Please contacts us if you have any questions.

IsoPac F