Name:  MiniMega
Dimensions:   7' wide x 6' deep x 6.5' tall
Parts Included:

 (1) A5-6 - 6-section CSP
 (1) A5-5 - 5-section CSP
 (1) AX12-6 - 6-section 12" height extenders
 (1) AX12-5 - 5-section 12" height extenders

 (1) STC5D - 2'W x 5.5'D center lid section
 (1) STC512D - 12"W x 5.5'D center lid section
 (2) STS5D - 2'W x 5.5'D side lid section
 (2) BAR - standard support bar
 (25) S2D - 22"W x 2'H SORBER baffle
 (1) Fan - 6", 2-speed, low noise fan

Amount of Sound Reduction:   70%

MiniMega isolation package is a slightly smaller version of the MegaPac.

The MiniMega features 360° of ClearSonic Panels for maximum sound isolation. ClearSonic shields in the back means less opening for sound to escape. There is an A5-6 in front, and an A5-5 in the rear. The two panel systems do not actually connect to each other, so the end panel of the A5-5 can be moved and used as a door (see pic at right).

By adding the STC512 twelve inch wide SORBER Lid baffle to the standard
3-section lid, total lid coverage is 7'W x 5.5'D. The MiniMega includes two lid support bars for maximum stability.

Twenty-Five S2 SORBER baffles provide maximum acoustic performance inside and out.

Detail of MiniMega Door